Before Returning a Basic or Feature Phone

To receive a refund for a basic or feature phone you are returning to Twigby, you should follow these instructions.

First, obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#) by chatting with a live Twigby Agent. Once you have the RA#, you must clear the phone. Without performing these actions, Twigby cannot gain access to the phone and therefore a refund will not be issued. To make certain this doesn’t happen, you need to remove all phone locks or PINs and perform a master or factory reset of the phone. Here are the steps in the order they need to be performed.

Before starting these steps, don’t forget to back up all content and settings of the phone. 

All basic or feature phones are slightly different so menu options will vary.

  1. Remove phone lock (if you have one in place).
    1. Go to Settings or Menu.
    2. Select the option for Phone Settings or Security.
    3. If the phone lock feature is turned on, turn it off.
  1. Reset the phone.
    1. Go to Settings or Menu.
    2. Select the option for Phone Settings or Options.
    3. Locate the option to Reset.
    4. Select and perform a Master Reset (could be under Factory Data Reset, Master Clear or Erase All).


Simply turn the phone off and prepare it for shipment back to Twigby.  Please make sure you ship the phone back with the original box, charger and any other accessories that accompanied the phone. The phone box must be packed in another container and that container should have the Return Authorization Number (RA#) written on the outside box.