Before Returning an Android Smartphone

To receive a refund for an Android Smartphone you are returning to Twigby Mobile, you should follow these instructions.

First, chat with a live U.S. based Twigby Agent. Once the RA# has been requested, please allow up to 2 business days for the RA# to be sent to your email. When you receive the email containing the RA#, you must clear the phone. Without performing these actions, Twigby Mobile cannot gain access to the phone and therefore a refund will not be issued. To make certain this doesn’t happen, you need to remove all passcodes/pins as well as any pattern, fingerprint, iris and/or facial recognition locks from the phone. You will also need to remove your Google ID, remove all accounts, and erase all content and settings. Here are the steps in the order they need to be performed.

Before starting these steps, don’t forget to back up all content and settings of the phone. 

All Android phones are slightly different so menu options will vary slightly.

  1. Remove All Biometrics and All Security or Device Lock Controls in Place
    1. Go to "Settings"
    2. Locate and select "Security Settings" (possibly under "security", "security & location", "privacy", "screen lock", etc)
    3. Turn off all passcodes, pattern locks, pins, or biometric features (facial, iris, fingerprint recognition)
  1. Remove All Accounts
    1. Go to "Settings"
    2. Select "Accounts"
    3. You must remove all accounts that are listed on this page from the phone
    4. Select each one and after clicking on it, you will need to click the three vertical dots in the top right corner (this may vary based on phone model/manufacturer)
    5. You will see the option to Remove Account.  You will need to do this with each account listed in the section
    6.   When you are finished, the only option showing under Accounts should be to + Add Account
  1. Perform Factory Reset/Master Clear
    1. Go to "Settings"
    2. Select "Reset" or "System Reset" (can be under "General", "General Management", or "About Phone" menu). If you cannot locate the option, you can do a search for "Reset"
    3. Select "Factory Data Reset" (might be "Master Reset", "Reset All Settings", or "Erase Everything")
    4. Select the option to perform the Reset
    5. Once it is complete power the phone off


Finally, prepare the phone for shipment back to Twigby Mobile. Please make sure you ship the phone back with the original box, charger and any other accessories that accompanied the phone. The phone box must be packed in another box (preferably the one that the order was originally shipped in) and that box should have the Return Authorization Number (RA#) written on the outside box.