International Calling

With Twigby International Calling, you can make calls to Canada, India, UK, Mexico, and more. The minutes included in your talk plan are available to make calls to the United States, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, as well as the following countries at no additional charge. Australia, Bermuda, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Mariana Islands, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom. Just be sure you’re in the United States when making and receiving the calls. Once you finish your phone call, the minutes used are simply deducted from your plan.

Please note that International Calling is not available when using Wi-Fi Calling and Texting.

How to Place an International Call

As a reminder, International Calling to these countries requires that you place these calls from within Twigby’s U.S. coverage area.

Calling Canada and the Caribbean

For calls to Canada, Bermuda, and Mariana Islands, these calls do not require 011 or a country code. You would dial the number just like any U.S. phone number:

  1. Dial 1
  2. Dial phone number
  3. Press SEND

Calling All Other Countries

For all other international calls, you will need their country code. To call all other countries, you would follow the steps below:

  1. Dial 011
  2. Dial country code
  3. Dial phone number
  4. Press SEND

Below, you will find the international calling destinations available and their country code.

Destination Country Code
Australia 61
China 86
Colombia 57
Denmark 45
Hong Kong 852
Iceland 354
India 91
Ireland 353
Malaysia 60
Mexico 52
Norway 47
Singapore 65
South Korea 82
Sweden 46
Thailand 66
United Kingdom 44

Guidelines to International Calling

Click here to see complete International Long-Distance Consumer Agreement.

  1. Countries available are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  2. Calls are restricted to 15 destination phone numbers during your Twigby monthly billing period.
  3. The International Long-Distance partner has right to limit excessive or inappropriate use.
  4. Expires thirty-one (31) days after Activation and/or Renewal of service plan and can only be utilized while Twigby Plan is in active status.
  5. International calling is available while using the Sprint network. Excludes the Verizon network.