How do I activate eSIM on Android?

Once you have placed your order and received confirmation that your eSIM is ready, you will receive a "Welcome to Twigby" email. This email will have information that is needed to activate your eSIM.

Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi. The activation process should automatically begin on your phone, and you will follow all onscreen prompts to complete the setup. Please note that not all Android phones have settings in the same exact places or with the same names. However, the instructions below will help give you a general idea of what to do.

1. Allow several minutes for your phone to connect to the network. This can take up to 5 minutes

Twigby Network Android eSIM.jpg


2. Once your phone is connected to the Twigby Mobile network, tap on "Restart and switch"

restart phone andfroid eSIM.jpg


3. If you are adding an additional eSIM to your Android phone, go to Settings > Connections (on some Androids this may be "Network & Internet" instead) > SIM manager

Image (25).jpg


4.  Select "Add eSIM"

Add eSIM Android Rev 738x1599.jpg


5. Then tap on "Scan QR code from service provider". The QR code can be found in your "Welcome to Twigby" email that you received, or it can be found here

*Note* Some Androids do not need to scan the QR code and will receive the notification for activation automatically.

Scan QR Code eSIM Android Rev 1080x2205.jpg


6. After you scan the QR code, you will follow the onscreen prompts. Follow these until your phone has finished activating and you are connected to the Twigby Mobile network

7. Once your phone is fully activated, we suggest making a test call. Make sure that you are disconnected from Wi-Fi so that you can place the call using your newly activated eSIM

If you need additional help, you can chat with us here. Twigby Mobile's 100% U.S. based live chat agents are available from 8am - 9pm CST Monday through Friday and from 10am - 6pm CST Saturday through Sunday (excluding holidays).