How does Twigby billing work?


At the end of each bill period, the primary email address on the account will receive "Your Twigby Service Summary". This is a statement of all activity that took place during the past 30 days. The purpose of it is to service as a snapshot for the period that just ended.

After receiving the summary, you will receive a text notification that your account has been charged for the new bill period. This charge is prepayment for the next 30 days of service. 


Your Twigby Service Summary (bill) includes:

  • A summary of usage by phone number.
  • A summary of charges by phone number (including any service plan changes that took place during the billing period).
  • Detail of the taxes, fees and surcharges by phone number.
  • A total for each phone number.
  • All payments made during the bill cycle.


For your convenience, you can access the PDF for any past bill period by signing in to your account. Just visit to sign in and then click on "Bill History" from the menu. You can download or print any past bill by clicking on the PDF icon for the appropriate bill period.