How to restart your Twigby service

Interruption of Service

On March 30, 2022, Twigby lines of service that utilized the Sprint Network stopped working. If you wish to continue service on Twigby, you must activate a phone on Twigby's new network (America's largest and most reliable) to continue service. If you have not ordered a SIM Card or phone for the new network, please chat with our support team to confirm which you will need to order to continue service.

About Your Phone Number

Per our previous communications (email, text messages, voice broadcasts) informing you to convert to the new network or contact us to cancel this line before March 30, 2022, Twigby attempted to save your number so that it can be activated with the new Twigby Network -- or you can take your number to another carrier. As we relayed within previous communications, we implemented the following on your behalf:

On March 30, 2022, at 12:01 a.m., phones not moved to the new Twigby network stopped working. These phones will not be able to make or receive calls, texts, use data, or Voicemail.

If you did not contact us to cancel service prior to March 29, the phone number for this line of service was attempted to be saved. This process though could not be guaranteed.

  • If you would like to finalize the migration of your number to a phone that is compatible with Twigby and do not have your new SIM already -- please chat with us. Once your phone is working on the new network, we will apply a credit to your account equal to the expedited shipping charge of the required new SIM Card.
  • If you would like to take your number to another carrier (port number), you can provide your new carrier your Twigby phone number, your name/address, account number and PIN. If the new carrier is unable to complete the port, the process to save your number may have been unsuccessful. Please chat with our team and they can verify for you, and further cancel your account. If the port out to another carrier was successful – you need to do nothing else. Twigby will automatically close your account.

If your number was eligible to be saved, you will continue to be charged your monthly plan's current rate plus taxes and fees to keep your number saved until you either complete the activation process for this line on the new network to make the service operable, transfer your number to another wireless carrier, or chat with us to cancel your service.

Please chat with us so that we can take the action you prefer.


If you have a SIM Card for the New Network

  1. Insert SIM card into phone. Click here for more information on how to insert SIM card
  2. Sign into your Twigby account on
  4. Scroll down to LINE SETTINGS and confirm the phone number within the SELECT LINE section is the number you need to complete activation on the new network
  5. Scroll down to PHONE INFORMATION section and click on the words ACTIVE PHONE that are orange and underlined
  6. From there, enter your current IMEI and then follow instructions to complete activation of New SIM Card


New Voicemail Setup

The new network uses a new voicemail system. The default password is the last 4 digits of your Twigby phone number. Once activated, past voicemails will be erased. Click here for possible options to save voicemail message.