I'm a Twigby customer, what do I need to do to use the new network?

You will need to check if your current phone(s) is compatible with our new network. You will do this by logging into your Twigby account. Then click on "Account Settings" and scroll down to "Line Settings". If you have multiple lines on the account, select the correct line to move to the new network. You will then see an orange highlighted section that relays if the phone used with that line is compatible or not.

If your phone is compatible, you will be able to order a new SIM card free of charge for the new network.

If your phone is not compatible, you can purchase one of our low-priced phones available from Twigby’s phone shop. All phones currently sold by Twigby will work on the new network. Please note that if you are not ready to get a new phone yet, your current phone will continue to work with Twigby on the Sprint network until the end of 2021.