Survey Says: Cell Phone Usage Impacted During COVID-19

With so many people across America staying at home over the past couple of months because of COVID-19, we thought it would be prudent as a cell phone service provider to try to learn more about phone habits while being confined to home. This way we can better keep to our core principle – being completely customer-centric. While we are always mindful of costs and efficiencies, our decisions are guided by how we can best meet the needs and wants of the value-seeking shopper here at Twigby Mobile.

According to our May 2020 survey results from over 2,200 respondents, many people’s phone habits have increased in some areas and decreased in others. An impressive 47% stated there had been no change in their phone habits. Surprised? We were too. Let us look at the results.

using phone covid-19

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Phone technology has changed tremendously over the last two decades, and COVID-19 has changed our reliance on technology as remote learning and working from home has increased. According to our new data, 39% of survey participants have been relying on their phones more due to social distancing mandates. The survey asked participants to relay if they are depending on their phone service more, less or with no change during the COVID-19 outbreak. The results reveal that the pandemic has affected phone usage with large increases in app usage, texting and calling.

We also asked about habits such as cleaning a phone due to current recommendations with the pandemic.

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While many people across America are staying at home over the past couple of months, others are essential employees with little change in current phone habits.

phone usage covid-19

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Considerations for Phone Upgrades

The survey showed most people, during these times, will only consider upgrading their phone if the current one stops working like it did in the past.

reason to replace phone

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In addition, the majority relayed they would only spend between $100-$200 for a new phone if needed.

spend on new phone

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The results showed 26% of people have not upgraded since more than two years ago.

how long had phone

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Additional Findings:

  • Nearly a third of all respondents said they are cleaning their phone daily and another third weekly
  • More than a third (37%) are texting more
  • Overall video calling usage is up (32%)
  • 36% of respondents indicated using social media more
  • 23% of people surveyed indicated using shopping apps more
  • Only 12% plan on purchasing a new phone soon

App Usage and Staying Connected

Overall, the results demonstrate a major shift in phone usage since more people are staying at home during COVID-19. While many reported they had no changes in the phone’s usage, many reported they were relying on Wi-Fi more for data usage while staying at home. There were increases in shopping, video calling, social media, gaming and food delivery app usage.

app usage covid-19

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