Why You Should Ditch Your 2-Year Cell Phone Contract and Pass on Phone Financing

What if someone told you that you don’t have to be stuck in a cell phone contract anymore to get good service? Nor is it necessary to finance your phone on a monthly payment plan and upgrade it every two years? 2-year cell phone contracts and phone financing have become a thing of the past. Additionally, many people are stepping away from upgrading their phone through financing. Sure, there could be circumstances where someone might need to have the newest and latest phone gadget, but is that you? If you are someone who doesn’t need the absolute latest technology packed into your smart phone, you will want to read more.

Cutting Ties with 2-Year Cell Phone Contracts and Phone Financing

There are a few questions you should consider asking yourself. Do you want to be locked to a phone contract? Should you finance your phone or pay it in full? Do you really need to upgrade your phone every two years? Those questions become easy to answer when you start to realize that being on a contract and financing your phone aren’t the only options available to you, not to mention they cost a lot!

Ever wonder why the big cell phone providers want you to sign a 2-year contract with phone financing? Here’s why… By financing your phone for two years, they have you agree to a contract. On every bill for TWO YEARS, you are paying off your phone in monthly installments. Most of the time, the provider makes much more from you than the phone is actually worth. So, you actually pay more for the phone by financing. Then after the phone is “paid off”, you’re eligible for an upgrade. Being eligible to upgrade your phone and get a new one sounds enticing. In reality, it just means you would have monthly phone payments to make for another two years when you just finished a 2-year phone payment. That would equal four years of having to make a phone payment. Plus, your current phone probably doesn’t even need to be upgraded. Or maybe your phone does need an upgrade? However, it’s not necessary to upgrade your phone every two years. A phone nowadays with the proper care (and case) can last you more than two years before needing an upgrade. The 2-year contracts, phone financing, and phone upgrades – that’s how the big cell phone providers keep you at their fingertips. The cycle of upgrading and financing your phone every two years keeps you in a contract, making it feel like you have no choice but to stay with them and constantly shed money on a new phone.

Cut Your Bill Without a Contract

At Twigby Mobile, contracts and phone financing simply don’t exist. We don’t make you commit to a contract or give you the option to finance your phone. It’s simple. Twigby Mobile is an extremely affordable no contract prepaid cell phone provider. When you purchase a phone from Twigby, the phone is paid in one full payment. You own it from the day forward. No more inflated monthly payments. You also won’t have to wait a whole two years to be eligible to upgrade your phone if anything happened resulting in the need for a phone upgrade. You can just get a new phone, at a very affordable price, whenever you please!

In addition to not having sinister contracts or wallet draining financing options for your phone, you will save incredible amounts of money by switching to Twigby Mobile cell phone service. Twigby customers use the nation's largest and most reliable network. That gives you more coverage, in more place for a lot less money. And, if you’re in the market for a new phone, check out the phone shop for unheard of deals on a variety of cell phones. The best thing about being a Twigby customer is that you create your own plan based on your needs. No more two-year contract plan that contains way more than you need – wasting your money every month.  With Twigby, if you use less, you pay less! Take a quick look at our plans and you’ll see how much you could save by using our simple savings calculator. And yes, it is very easy to keep your number and even use the current phone you already have! We believe that we offer the best service and prices around. Don’t take our word for it though, check out our reviews to see what our customers have to say for yourself. With Twigby’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee, you have no need to worry. Learn about Twigby, our plans, coverage and much more by clicking the button below.

Don’t get left behind! Step away from 2-year cell phone contracts and inflated phone financing. After all, who actually wants to be stuck on a contract and finance a phone on monthly installments? If you are someone who is looking to put 2-year cell phone contracts and phone financing in the past, simply click the button below to get started.