How do I turn off Find My iPhone?

If you buy and receive a Twigby phone but then decide that the phone or coverage is not a good fit for you, simply ship the undamaged phone back to us within 30 days of its receipt in the original condition along with all accessories, the box, and printed material. You will also need to be sure to remove your find my iPhone feature. 

Don't forget to back up all of the content on your iPhone before proceeding.

Turning off Find My iPhone:

  1. To turn off Find My iPhone go to Settings. Your Apple ID will be located at the top of this menu.
  2. Click on your Apple ID, and scroll down until you see Find My iPhone, and choose this option from the menu.  
  3. Click on Find My iPhone again, and click the slider to turn this feature off.  
  4. You will now need to enter the password to your Apple ID, and then click Turn Off.
  5. Find My iPhone should now say Off.  
  6. Next remove any and all passcodes, PINs and fingerprint or pattern locks.
  7. Remove all phone protection accounts and disable all protection services.


Turning off Find My iPhone Remotely:

  1. If you aren't able to turn off Find My iPhone on your device, you can do it from the iCloud website.
  2. Sign in to Find My iPhone on the iCloud website.
  3. Select the device to remove from your account.
  4. If the device is offline, click Remove from Account.
  5. If the device is online, click Erase. When this step is complete, click Remove from Account.