Smartphones for Seniors – An Easier Experience

We understand that smartphones can be difficult if not overwhelming for some users, especially if you are a first-time smartphone user. Smartphones don’t have to be so difficult to use though. On some Android smartphones, there is an easy function in the Settings that make using a smartphone an easier experience, especially for seniors. This easy function provides a much simpler layout, bigger icons, and larger font size.

Using Android’s Easy Function

Having a smartphone with the capability to provide an easier experience for first-time smartphone users is ideal for those who want some of the functionality, yet not all of the bells and whistles of a smartphone. Whether it’s the camera, the ability to have the internet right in your hands, up to date turn by turn navigation or anything else that may draw you to owning a smartphone, the easy function makes having a smartphone an even more simple and enjoyable experience.

The easy function is currently available on most Samsung and LG smartphones. Samsung refers to this easy function as Easy Mode. Meanwhile, LG refers to this easy function as EasyHome. Both Easy Mode and EasyHome can be turned on and off within the phone’s Settings. You will find instructions on how to turn on Easy Mode or EasyHome below. Please note that the instructions for turning Easy Mode or EasyHome on varies from phone to phone. The steps we provide may not be specific to your smartphone but will help give you the general idea.

To turn on Easy Mode on your Samsung phone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap My device
  • Tap Home screen mode
  • Choose Easy Mode

To turn on EasyHome on your LG phone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Display or scroll down to Device until you see Home screen
  • Tap Select Home
  • Choose EasyHome
  • Tap Apply > OK

If you would like to use the Standard Home experience, you can always switch back to Standard Home without losing any settings. To switch back to Standard Home on your Samsung phone, you would follow the instructions above but choose Standard mode instead of Easy mode. On your LG phone, you would follow the same instructions above and choose Home instead of Easy Home to switch back to the Standard Home experience.

Smartphone Apps That are Great for Seniors

The most impressive thing about smartphones is that they are more than just a phone. This is because of apps. There is an app for just about anything and everything now. Some apps are free, and some apps charge a fee to download. There are many apps that are designed to help make everyday tasks of seniors easier. We have researched free apps that seniors may find useful. You can see those apps by clicking the Learn More button below.

We understand that everyone has their own phone preferences. Now that you are familiar with the easy function on Samsung and LG phones, we hope you feel comfortable about using your smartphone. At Twigby Mobile, we have Samsung and LG phones in our phone shop all of which support the easy function.