What’s a voice or data pack?

(For plans prior to 7/26/22)

When you have Overage Protection turned Off for your Twigby plan, you are simply charged the difference of your starting plan and the next level plan. Since you are only charged the difference in the two prices, you are given the difference in the amounts of data as well. We use the term “pack” to differentiate them from your regular monthly plan.

For example, if you start your billing cycle on the 200 MB Data Plan with Overage Protection Off and you use the 200 MB of high-speed data, a data pack is added to your service. Since the next highest plan includes 1 GB (or 1024 MBs) of data, you get a data pack with an additional 824 MB of data. Since you only get the difference between the amount of data included in the two plans, you are only charged the difference in price of the two plans, which is currently $3.00 (as indicated below).

If you use the first voice or data pack, you will continue to receive additional packs to increase you to the next plan unless you turn Overage Protection On. If you have Overage Protection On, you are protected from overages and therefore wouldn’t be charged additional minutes and/or data.

When activating service with Twigby, you are automatically subscribed to receive notifications regarding account activity such as your plan usage. We will notify you via text and email if you use 50% of the plan you chose and again if you use all of it. Remember, you can also check your usage via your online account or by downloading the Twigby Selfcare App.