What is Self Care?

Self Care is where you manage your Twigby account online.

Account Summary

  • Shows account number, phone lines on account, and a summary of the line(s)
  • For your line, you can:
    • Change Plan – change plan up or down as necessary
    • View Details – shows if line has been paid, the date it was paid, each plan line item, price of each plan line item, and total due
      • Click Suspend Line to temporarily block a phone from being used. Does not cancel or stop billing for services
    • View Usage – choose to view voice, text, or data usage of a line for a billing period
  • Can also click Pay Now to make payment from this page

Account Settings

  • View and edit username, full name, account address, password, security questions, and primary credit card
  • Line Settings
    • Select a line to view and edit any of the line settings which include line nickname, primary line, talk/text plan, data plan, voicemail option, mobile hotspot, line status, active phone, phone number, wireless services, and data speeds

Bill History

  • View your past billing statements

Make Payment

  • Current bill and to submit payment is on this page
  • Payment information
    • Manage Credit Cards: view, add, and remove cards


  • View your purchases and its details (shipping & payment, order summary)

Add a Phone

  • Add a phone to account by purchasing a phone from Twigby or bringing your own phone