What are Twigby Referral Rewards?

Love Twigby? Want to spread the word about our great service AND earn for every person you refer? It's now possible with Twigby Referral Rewards. 

For every person you refer to Twigby, you will both receive a $10 dollar credit, and now we've made it easier than ever to refer your friends and family to Twigby. Learn more on the Twigby Referral Rewards page.


Psst... If you continue to invite friends, you can keep earning that $10 credit over and over. There is no limit.

The rules are easy. Your account credits will be processed after your friend reaches 45 days of active service with us. To earn Twigby rewards, you both have to be an active Twigby customer and in good standing to receive a credit.

In order to fully enjoy our referral program, there are a few easy guidelines to follow:

  1. You can only receive one referral credit per account created
  2. Account must be a new subscriber
  3. You cannot refer the same person on multiple accounts
  4. Referral cannot be for another line on your account (you cannot refer yourself or another line that you add to your account)
  5. Referred account cannot be another member of your household using the same name, address, or credit card


Referral credits are applied to your Twigby account and cannot be exchanged for cash. Referral credits hold no cash value. Fraudulent activity is strictly prohibited. Activation that are deemed Fraud and High Risk will be disqualified at our sole discretion.