Paying Too Much For Your Wireless Service? Try This...

You are probably paying for more than you really need. Let us show you.

Did you know that a recent survey showed that the average American consumer paid about $110 a month for cell phone service? Wow, that means a lot of Americans are overpaying for quality cellular service. How can you determine if you are overpaying for your cell phone service? Just keep reading.

Calculate Your Use

There are two ways to get an idea of your data use. The first is very simple, just look at your cell phone bill over the last six months. It will tell you how much data you used and allow you to have a baseline in mind. The other way to help calculate your usage, is to use a data calculator to help you estimate your future usage. No remember a basic phone such as a flip phone, really won’t use that much data.

However, a smartphone has the ability to use much more data.

What Kinds of Activities Run Up Data?

As you take a look at the calculator, you are asked lots of questions about your online activities. That’s because certain actions use much more data than others. Email uses much less than streaming video, for example. Keep in mind, 1GB equals 1024MB.

General Guidelines: 
1 Email sent/received (no attachments) = 25KB
1 Web page = 400KB
1 App/Game/Song downloaded = 4MB
1 minute of Audio Streaming = 500KB
1 minute of Streaming Video = 4.33MB
1 Social Media posts with photos = 300KB

Ways Twigby Works with You to Keep Smartphone Data Use in Check

There are several ways that Twigby makes it easy for you to keep your Smartphone data usage as low as possible. The first, is that we offer data overage protection on all plans. This means you’ll never use more data than you want to, and if you happen to go over your own limit, your data speed is slowed, but you aren’t charged any overages.

Another tip we recommend, is to take advantage of Wi-Fi whenever and wherever possible. If you know you have a trip coming up, you can use your navigation apps while on Wi-Fi and download directions for later. The same is true of other downloading activities, such as updating apps or downloading email attachments.

In addition to utilizing Wi-Fi at every opportunity, there are other ways to reduce your data use. For example, you may look into the settings on your phone to “Restrict app background data.” Another smart choice is to look into apps that will compress the data so that each activity doesn’t use the full amount. Generally speaking, this sends the data you are trying to access to a third party first, which reduces the amount of data your phone receives. You can go with a system-wide compression app like Opera Max. Another option, if you are a Google Chrome user, is to use the Reduce Data Usage Feature in the Chrome app. This will compress data but only while you are using Chrome. To access: Open the Chrome app on your phone, click on the menu button, and tap Settings. Navigate to Bandwidth management > Reduce data usage and enable the Reduce data usage feature.

Now What?

You have a good idea of how much data you have been using, how much you are paying for that data and how you may want to adjust your usage to stretch your dollars further. If you are using less than 2GB a month or think you can by using more Wi-Fi, etc… you need to switch to a more flexible and affordable, no-contract carrier, like Twigby.

Reasons to Switch

Even if you choose the highest data plan level offered by Twigby wireless, with 2GB of data—you are looking at an average $35 monthly bill. Most people don’t need this much data, so you will likely be able to choose an even more affordable plan. Because there is no contract, you can also adjust your services as your needs change.

If you are wanting a simpler feature phone, selecting the 150MB data option is all you would really ever need.

There are no surprises, as Twigby wireless lets you block overages on each line of service. Twigby also uses a nationwide 4G LTE network, for high quality service. There is simply no reason to throw away over $60 a month on services you don’t use. We guarantee your satisfaction 100% and back it up with our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Want to learn more about Twigby wireless? Just check out our frequently asked questions and other helpful information.