Numbers Never Lie: Why You Should Avoid That Annual Wireless Cell Phone Contract

Are you on the fence about whether to sign another two-year wireless cell phone service contract? If you have service with one of those big brands of wireless phone carriers, they lock you in and tell you about the rest later. You probably think you are getting a good deal but will find out later that you were wrong. It helps to understand the difference between a contract and no contract plan. By the end of this post, we will tell you some of the key differences.

So, what can cause your wireless cell phone bill to be so high?

For starters, you will probably pay more for your cell phone on a two-year contract than if you had bought it at full retail price with a no contract plan. The phone cost is built into the plan pricing and those are usually much higher for contract than no contract cell phone plans. For example, you may get a 2GB contract plan for $55 but that same 2GB no contract plan may only be $45. That’s an extra $240 over that two-year contract that goes into the big brand carrier’s pocket.

Additionally, payment plans for phones are just a bad idea. It’s like the casinos in Vegas, the odds are in their favor not yours. Let’s assume a phone costs $28 a month on a payment plan. You may think that’s not that bad. Now, total that over two years… that equals $672! Are you still asking why you wireless bill can be so high?

Not all affordable cell phone plans are created equal.

Now, you need to note that not all no contract plans are created equal. Some carriers will attach hidden charges like an activation fee just for signing up that average around $30. We’d rather you save that money for a rainy day.

Because of this, a no contract, pay as you go cell phone plan is what we believe is the best value for a frugal shopper. Ultimately, if you know what you need, this is the route to take. With this choice, you only pay for what you need. You can buy a phone at a good price and not have to worry with being locked into a contract or paying for overages if you run over your allotted data usage for the month.

How do the big brand carriers make so much money just off of overages? Because the entire country is racking up overages as you read this article. Odds are you are thinking of how much you have spent in overages over the years.

The good news is that at Twigby, every customer receives free overage protection! Yes, we offer overage protection free. What does this do? In simple terms, it ensures you get what you pay for and help you to stay within your budget. If you are sick and tired of the big brands that you no longer trust then take a look at Twigby.

But, how do you know if a no contract plan at Twigby is the right decision for you? You check the numbers. You can save a lot of money without sacrificing the phone features or plan options that you love. You can save hundreds and maybe even thousands at Twigby in the time you would have been locked into that two-year contract with big brand carrier. See how much you can save by switching to Twigby. If you want to truly save money, give our no contract cell phone service a try!