Twigby: A Different Approach to Affordable Wireless

Twigby gets it. You are always looking for ways you can cut costs and still be able to get the services you need. Twigby brings deeply discounted wireless phone service to neighborhoods all across the US. In fact, Twigby wireless network reaches over 300 million people nationwide in urban, suburban and rural areas.

How Twigby Is Different

High Quality and Low Cost

Twigby knows that you would always prefer to spend less as long as quality is not compromised. We designed our services to help our customers to do just that. Our affordable wireless service starts at only $9 per month, and there is never a contract or an activation fee.


If you rarely talk on the phone, why should you pay for unlimited voice? Choosing from several levels of voice and data enables you to build a custom combination that helps you save even more. The ability to change plans on a monthly basis without penalty adds additional flexibility to conform to your lifestyle.

Unlimited Text

As talking on the phone has decreased dramatically, it has been replaced by a rapid increase in texting. According to research, texting is the most popular activity on smartphones. Texting at Twigby is always free and unlimited.


There are many ways that Twigby wireless keeps you in the driver’s seat. You are the one who decides when and if you want to increase or decrease the amount of voice or data you use. Each month, you can change your limits, with no penalty. Not only can you view your usage, but you can also limit the speed of data at any time. With free of charge Overage Protection, overages can be blocked completely, meaning that you won’t ever be stuck with charges you didn’t anticipate.

Helping You Get the Plan That Fits You

There is no such thing as a typical Twigby customer. Our customers have different lifestyles and needs, but the flexibility that Twigby offers is designed to match who you are. Let’s take a look at four different ways Twigby’s unique advantages can make life easier and headache-free for people just like you.

Making the most of retirement 

She really likes to hear from her grandkids. She’d prefer that they would call instead of always texting, but she understands that she will hear from them a lot more if she is reachable by text. Living on a fixed income can be challenging, but she would love that Twigby provides her everything she really needs on the go, without surprises or losing quality and connection.

Example of a plan built for her

1000 minutes of talk time and unlimited text and she would pick the 150 megabyte plan for a total of $16, which would give her plenty of phone calls and the ability to see the latest pictures from her grandkids.

He just wants a phone that works! 

He likes to check the sports scores and news headlines, but mainly, he needs a cell phone plan that keeps him connected to the people in his life that need him. Twigby would let him get all the texts from his wife and kids that he needs, but doesn’t saddle him with a high monthly bill for data he won’t use. He would much rather be doing his thing without being plugged in all the time.

Example of a plan built for him

200 minutes of talk time with unlimited text for $9 per month, using WiFi whenever possible to keep it simple.

Introducing her tween to responsible phone use

She is inundated with one question over and over again…”Mom, when can I get a phone?” She wants to make sure that any phone plan she gets for her tweens is affordable and allows her to control their use of data, while still letting them text with their friends. She knows that part of what she needs is the ability to limit data whenever and for whatever reasons she sees fit. Twigby services would give her the ultimate tool to introduce her children to the mobile world.

Example of a plan built for her

200 minutes of talk time and unlimited text and the 150 megabyte plan for a total of $12 per month, while also taking advantage of unlimited WiFi. As she has discovered, teens don't call; they simply text and send pictures. She could allow them to use free WiFi (typically available 80% of the time), for video, music and gaming.

Getting what he needs for less

He is always on the hunt for anything that will allow him to get more and pay less. He doesn’t see the value of a landline for his home. Twigby is here to take two things off of his plate, peace of mind and an ultra low cell phone service. He would never have to worry about a big surprise on his cell phone bill.

Example of a plan built for him

500 minutes of talk time, with unlimited text for $11, plus a 1 gig data plan totaling $21. Access to free WiFi would cover the rest of his communication needs.