Hold On to Your Cell Phone Number When Making the Switch

Keep Your Cell Phone Number when Switching Service

You know your number. Your friends, family, utilities company, etc.… know your number. You really don’t want a new one. That’s why when you switch to Twigby wireless, it is super easy to keep the cell phone number you love.

Taking a Closer Look

There are a few other key things you need to know when you are looking to change carriers, but also want to hang on to your cell phone number:

  • If you have an overdue balance with your old carrier, you may owe early termination fees for canceling your contract, but in many cases, you can still port your number
  • You cannot port 800 numbers or pager numbers, but you can port fax numbers and most prepaid numbers
  • During the porting process, your 911 access may not be fully functional
  • You will need the following information to port: Name and address on phone bill, phone number you want to port, account number with other carrier and port out/PIN password

How Twigby Wireless Makes it Pain-free to Port (bring your number)

Are you ready to make the switch to the most affordable cell phone carrier, but want to hold on to your number? It can easily be activated with Twigby, as long as the number is still active on an account with that provider. If the number were to be disconnected, that number again becomes property of that provider and can be reassigned at any time.

If you wish to port your number to Twigby, you will only need your existing account number, any pin/password you may have, and the phone number. We will process that port request for you. When the port is complete, the number/account with the previous carrier should automatically be disconnected/canceled, however we recommend following up with them for verification. You will still have service with your previous carrier until the port is successfully complete. You will receive an email once your phone number has been successfully transferred to Twigby. Numbers ported on Saturday/Sunday are normally completed by the carrier the phone number is being transferred from on Monday morning. With this, in some instances, porting a number can take up to 72 hours to complete.

If you are trying to port your number to Twigby wireless, but are having difficulties you may want to contact your previous service provider. Remember, if you have a contract, you are still obligated to fulfill the contract, although you still may be able to port. At Twigby, we never require you to sign a contract, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.