Switching Your Cell Phone Service Could Be The Simplest Decision You Make All Year

Switching to a new cell phone provider may sound overwhelming to you. Knowing you want to stay connected- you’re concerned if it will go smoothly.

With Twigby Mobile, switching your cell phone service is actually very simple. You only need to provide a limited amount of information, and we can have you up and running typically within a day. And the best part, you will be using your same phone number. You won’t have to worry about letting family and friends know about a new number. Simply put, we have it down to a tee. We handle everything for you.

Simply chat with us when you’re ready to start service, and we can begin the transfer for you. Just be sure to have a billing statement or other account information handy from your current provider. We’ll contact them and get your number entered into our system. In most cases, they will automatically close your account once the number transfers, that way you do not have to worry about having to do that either! If you signed a contract (we don’t like contracts) there may be early termination fees or other charges due from your existing service provider. If you think you may be still in a contract, check with them prior to switching your cell phone service.

Porting (transferring your number) normally takes 24 hours or less. We’ll let you know when it is completed via an email. And, with our 30-day Risk-Free Guarantee, you can try our service without worry. It couldn’t be easier!

Switch to a service you love. Leave the high phone bill you hate.