Buying and Activating Your Phone

Welcome! We're excited to see you're interested in joining the awesome Twigby network. It's very easy to switch and begin enjoying big savings on your monthly phone bill. Below, you will find a short guide to buying and activating your first Twigby phone!

How do I purchase a phone?

Ready to purchase a phone? Head to our phone shop and browse our wide selection of high-performing, low-cost smartphones and feature phones. Once you've found the phone you want, click on the orange "Add to Cart" icon. Our phones must be purchased with a service plan, so you will be prompted to select your voice/text plan and your data plan before checking out. Twigby allows up to 5 phones on an account, therefore you are limited to purchasing 5 phones.

What shipping choices do I have?

Read this article to learn more about your shipping options!

What happens after I purchase a phone?

Once your payment has been received for the phone you should receive an email confirming the purchase. We will then pack your item and UPS will generate an email with your tracking information.

I got an email from UPS showing my item has shipped. Does that mean it is on its way?

It is very likely that your item is on the way. Our system ties into the UPS system to alert you the moment your order is processed and a shipping label has been generated. The best way to tell is to go to and use the tracking information provided to verify your packages status.

Where is your shipping facility located?

Our shipping facility is conveniently located in Tennessee.

Can I combine orders for expedited shipping?

Yes; For example - if you order 3 phones on the same date you will only need to pay for expedited shipping on one of the phones to get all 3 provided that the items are in stock and going to the same address.

Do you have a pay over time or installment plan on your phones?

No. One way to avoid locking you into a contract is by not subsidizing the cost of our phones. We understand that eliminates the option of paying for a phone over time. We also understand that the upfront cost of a phone can be a struggle at times, so that why we offer certified as well as new phones.

My phone just arrived today! How do I get started?

Awesome! The first thing you should do is plug your phone in and allow it to charge. A good charge is essential to an activation. Next, follow the activation instructions that were sent with your phone from Twigby. If you have questions or need additional assistance, please follow the "Chat Now" link to chat with a Twigby representative.

Please note: If you do not complete the steps mentioned above to permanently activate your phone within 30 days, it will automatically be done for you.