How do I program my feature phone?

Activating a feature phone can be done in no time! Here are some short steps that can help you activate your feature phone:

Please note: some models may vary slightly in the location where certain options are found on the phone, but the process is very similar with each phone.


  1. Open the dialer.
  2. Dial ##MSL# (The MSL is a six-digit number emailed to you by Twigby upon the activation of your phone).
  3. Select “Edit.”
  4. Enter your ten-digit phone number.*
  5. Select "OK."
  6. Clear all the zeroes and enter the MSID number (received in the email by Twigby upon activation of your phone).
  7. Select "OK."
  8. Select "Done." The phone will reboot (if it does not reboot, do so manually).

 *Note: even if the ten-digit phone number is already listed, you should still back it out and re-enter it.

 If you'd like assistance when activating your feature phone, click the orange "Chat Now" button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and a Twigby live agent will guide you through the process. To view our chat hours click here.