Where can I find my phone's MEID/ESN?

Having trouble finding your phone's MEID or IMEI number? We can help you with that!

Dial *#06#

  • Dial *#06# on your phone
  • The MEID or IMEI number will appear on the screen

In phone settings

  • Android:  Go to Settings > More > About Device > Status - use MEID DEC or HEX
  • Alternate Android: Go to Settings > About > Device Info - use MEID DEC or HEX
  • iPhone: Go to Settings > General > About - scroll down to find MEID or IMEI 

Check the box your phone originally came in

Many times, the phones list the MEID or DEC or HEX on the side of a box with a sticker.

Under your phone's battery (if battery is removable)

  • Remove the battery and the MEID or IMEI number should be located inside the battery compartment.
  • It may also be labeled as DEC or HEX, you can use either one.

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