My Sprint phone hasn't met financial eligibility (FED). What does that mean and what do I need to do?

Long story short, FED stands for "Financial Eligibility Date" - the date a phone meets or met specific financial criteria established by Sprint.

Twigby relies on Sprint’s nationwide network for our primary coverage. As such, Sprint is particular about which phones are activated on our service. They have something called Financial Eligibility Requirements which help them to ensure that phones from them are not excessively cannibalizing their business. There are two main rules that would keep your phone from meeting FED requirements:

  • If a phone was on a contract that failed to honor and pay for the full two-year agreement,
  • If it has not been 15 months from its original purchase date from Sprint. 

If a phone is in conflict with one of these two rules, you will likely not be able to activate it on Twigby, but you are welcome to chat with our service group who can check details for you.