Can I still be charged for a replacement phone once I've sent my original back to Twigby?

Yes, but only if the returned phone is found to have damage that isn't covered under Twigby's warranty.

To receive a full refund due to a return, exchange or Twigby warranty claim, the phone must be in its original condition and accompanied by all components. This means there cannot be any minor cosmetic wear such as scratches (of any measure) on the screen or slight imperfections on the sides and/or back. Missing items, scratches, imperfections or damage will reduce and could eliminate the amount of the refund. If the phone or components are deemed by Twigby to not be in their original condition, a non-refundable fee will be charged that may equal the full purchase price of the phone.  Also, if components are damaged or missing upon Twigby’s receipt of the phone, the following refund reductions will apply:


1. Battery: $20

2. Charger: $15

3. USB Cable: $10

4. Battery Door (if removable): $15

5. SIM Card: $5

6. Packaging (box): $5


Once received, returns are typically processed within 5 business days. Upon request, Twigby will return a non-refundable phone and apply a $15 non-refundable shipping fee.

If you're unsure if you're covered by Twigby's warranty or not, you can read this page detailing our warranty guidelines for more information, or click the orange "Chat With Us" button at the bottom of the page to chat with our customer support team.