How can I SIM unlock my phone?


If you find your phone is locked, unfortunately Twigby isn't able to unlock it for you. However, unlocking the phone can be as simple as a visit to the company's website or a quick phone call to the original cellular provider where it was purchased.

Click on the applicable provider to start the process:

If you purchased a new phone from a store such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, etc., and want to use it with Twigby, it must be unlocked by the original service provider. 


How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

Some cellular providers offer discounted phone pricing or phone financing and will SIM lock the phone to only read their SIM cards. This SIM lock prevents the phone from working with other carriers until you meet the requirements (which may be a specified period of time or the phone being paid in full). 

The easiest way to check if your phone is unlocked is to contact the service provider where the phone was purchased. They will be able to tell you whether your phone is unlocked or if it is eligible to be unlocked.

Twigby is not able to contact other service providers on your behalf. Only you can request your phone to be unlocked.


If your phone does not qualify to be unlocked and you need a new phone, click here to check out our deals!