My phone didn’t activate… What do I do?

Often when first setting up a phone for use, we get excited and perhaps rush the process. Patience is a virtue when it comes to activating and programming your phone. First, please make sure you are in an area with coverage and have Wi-Fi turned off, then follow these three steps checking for success after each step is complete:

  1. Airplane Mode: Turn ON Airplane mode in your phone for 30 seconds. Then turn Airplane mode OFF and watch for the phone to get signal. When the phone has signal, place a call to confirm activation success.
  2. Restart the phone: Simply power the phone off, wait a couple of minutes and then power it back on. Once the phone has signal, place a call to confirm activation success.
  3. Reset Network Settings: From your phone, go to Settings, and locate Reset Network Settings or Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth (in some models). Perform this reset and then allow the phone to get signal again.  Once signal is available, place a call to confirm the activation was successful.

Once your phone is activated and you are able to place a call, you can then turn Wi-Fi back on.  


Still having trouble?

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