What happens if I go over my data limit?

No worries! At Twigby Mobile, we won't charge you any outrageous overage fees for using more data than you have on your plan!

Once you have hit your data limit, you will have unlimited data at 2G speeds until the end of your billing period. However, if you do not want your data throttled to 2G speeds, you can buy extra data or change to a higher plan instead.

To see how you can buy extra data, click here.

To learn how to change to a higher plan, click here. Please note that if you are changing to a higher plan, you would simply pay the difference in plan prices.

For plans prior to 7/26/22:

  • With Overage Protection On: You are protected from additional charges. You will have unlimited data (throttled at 64 Kbps) for the remainder of the bill cycle.
  • With Overage Protection Off: When you use all the data at your current level, you will automatically move to the next highest data plan and be charged the difference of the two plans. For example, if you are on the 1GB data plan with Overage Protection Off and you use 1GB, you are charged $4.00 (difference between 1GB and 2GB plans) and will receive another 1GB of data (difference between 1GB and 2GB plans).

If you ever want to know how much data you have remaining in your plan, log into your account and on the Account Summary page, click on the orange "Usage" button. Twigby will also send you a text and an email notification when you have used 50% and 100% of your data plan.