What are my shipping options when purchasing from Twigby?

Shipping Methods

  • Standard Shipping (7 - 10 business days)
  • Accelerated Shipping (4 - 7 business days)
  • Express Shipping (2 - 4 business days)

Track Your Shipment

  • After your order has been fulfilled and sent out, you will receive an e-mail with shipping information and your tracking number. 

  • Please note that if you order a SIM Card with Standard Shipping you will not receive a tracking number for your order.  

  • The tracking number is an online tool that allows you to follow each stage of the shipment process and gives real time updates on where your package is.

Other Details About Shipping

  • Business days to receive your order are estimates. These estimates are not guaranteed and are calculated beginning on the day the order is placed.

  • Orders will be delayed if they are deemed suspicious or if additional information is required for processing.

  • Delivery times are estimates and include the processing and shipment of the order.  Orders placed after 2pm CST will be counted in the next business day.  

  • If you are ordering more than one phone, all items must be shipped to the same address.