10 Tips to Shop Smarter for Cell Phone Service

Shopping for more affordable cell phone service can be a challenging task. Will you get good coverage at the places you frequent most, the phone choices you want or even a plan that matches your needs? With so many cell phone providers to choose from, it helps to remember a few very important things when researching new service. To help make your shopping experience as informative and painless as possible, we’ve created this checklist for you to use when comparing available options from different cell phone providers.

 1. Check your coverage for home – and away

When shopping for cell phone service, many people rightly check the coverage they would receive at home before making the decision. However, it’s easy to forget about all the places you visit and the level of coverage desired or needed at each. That’s why it’s important to not only check the cell coverage you’d receive at home but also at work, your favorite vacation spots, family members’ homes and more. This will give you a better idea of the level of coverage you’d receive wherever you’re most likely to go.

With Twigby, you can rest easy knowing that you will have access to two of the largest nationwide networks. In fact, Twigby’s cell phone service covers over 270 million people in the U.S., so the chances are good that we have you covered wherever you go at a price you can afford. Simply check your specific coverage levels here.

2. Save big on phones by going certified

Getting a brand-new cell phone is great, and sometimes the best choice, however if you’re like us and love to save money whenever possible, then opting for a certified phone is an excellent option. Certified phones are a great way to have an up-to-date, high quality cell phone at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand-new phone, and Twigby Mobile has a large selection of affordable certified phones available in our shop. Now be forewarned, not all certified phones are created equal so be careful when purchasing phones from unknown sources. At Twigby Mobile, each certified phone that comes into and leaves our building is rigorously tested.  This ensures the phone is as close to like new as possible before it’s shipped out and results in the best possible experience for our customers.

3. Bring your own phone and save

If you already have a phone you love, but a plan you hate, why not ditch your plan but keep your phone? Bring your own phone options are an excellent way to save money and join a new provider without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone. Before making a switch, check to see if your current phone is compatible. At Twigby, we make this process very easy by hosting our own compatibility checker here. In just seconds, you’ll know if your phone is compatible with our service.

4. Check if there’s a warranty or guarantee

Sometimes, things don’t go quite as planned. To best be prepared for a time like this, it’s always in your best interest to check if the cell phone company you are considering offers a warranty or satisfaction guarantee to avoid any disappointing circumstances. Luckily, Twigby provides a generous warrantee on all phone purchases and also provides a no-nonsense 30-day Service Satisfaction Guarantee. What’s in our warranty and guarantee? See for yourself by reviewing it here. We don’t hide anything in fine print.

5. Look for customer reviews

Possibly the most important thing you can do when shopping for cell phone service is to read reviews from real customers who have already been using the service. There’s no better way to gauge the level of service you can expect than by hearing it from those who have experienced it firsthand.

At twigby.com, we consistently update our reviews page with real customer reviews as well as links to reviews from popular and reputable websites. Read some real reviews from real Twigby customers here.

6. Look past the major brands and receive the same coverage

Although most Americans still opt for the familiar faces of the “big four” carriers, you should know that many providers, such as Twigby Mobile, offer the same level of service using the same networks at a fraction of the cost. In fact, Twigby customers have access to two of the largest nationwide networks! Additionally, lesser known brands must often differentiate themselves to stand out. This could be achieved by offering excellent customer support, or by packing more unique features into their product and service offerings, such as Twigby’s free overage protection.

7. Aim for complete account control

Many carriers claim to give you control of your account, but when you actually access your account, you find your controls are rather limited. When shopping for new cell phone service, make sure to review the personal account features and abilities that will be available to you. For instance, can you change your plan at any time? Turn text, talk or data on or off whenever you feel like it? Is it easy to add a line or even adjust your data speeds so you can conserve if you like? Twigby offers all of these options and more to each customer within their Selfcare account.

8. Can you quickly reach customer service?

It’s almost inevitable that at some point, you will need to contact your cell phone provider’s customer service with a question. However, many times this can be an unnerving experience as you’re placed into a call tree, sit on hold for what seems like an eternity, or faced with a robot who tries – usually unsuccessfully – to resolve your issue. Wouldn’t you rather have a quick form of communication that is efficient and effective? We know we would, and that’s why Twigby Mobile is staffed with experienced customer service representatives that can be contacted via our efficient chat program with the click of a button. No more waiting and no more hold times. Simply begin the chat and one of our reps will be there to assist you within seconds.

9. Look for those pesky hidden charges

Hidden charges on a cell phone bill is a surprise that no one wants. Where were these charges listed when you were signing up for your cell phone service? When shopping for cell phone service, be sure to review the terms and conditions of the plan you’re about to sign up for and ask if there could ever be any hidden or added fees.

Twigby Mobile does things differently than most cell phone companies, and our stance on hidden fees is just another example.  We give our customers the option to stop any and all overage charges, do not charge for roaming, and choose to not charge an unnecessary activation fee like most companies do.

10. Is there anything in it for you?

This may be a question that never crosses most people’s minds when shopping for cell phone service, but it should! When you refer a friend to your cell phone provider, don’t you think that you should receive a thank you? Luckily, at Twigby, we love to reward our customers and encourage them to refer as many of their friends and family members to join Twigby as possible by offering an account credit for both the referrer and the referred, making our referral program a win-win-win.


Shopping for cell phone service may seem like a daunting task, but keep this checklist handy so you’re sure to make a more informed decision on choosing the cell phone service that best fits your needs. You can start your search at the Twigby Mobile plans page by creating your own plan.