How do I change my calling or data plan and overage protection option?

In order to change your plan at Twigby:

1. Login to your account
2. Select Account Settings
3. Scroll down to Line Settings
4. Choose the phone number you wish to make the change for
5. Click Change
6. Your current voice plan will be selected. Change the selection to the plan and/or Overage Protection.
7. Click Continue
8. Your current data option will be selected. Change the selection to change the option and/or Overage Protection.
9. Select when you want to make the change effective and click Save

Note: If you are making a change effective immediately and you move to a higher priced plan(s) you will be charged the difference. If you move to a lower priced plan(s) you will receive a credit. If you are currently using a promotional offer and wish to keep it, be sure to make your update effective for your next bill cycle.