What is a Twigby certified phone?

All certified (Like-New) Twigby Mobile phones have been thoroughly inspected and refurbished to like-new condition. We want to make this clear – many phones do not meet our stringent standards.

It is possible for the most minor of imperfections to exist that do not impede the functionality, operation or overall value of the phone. Every Twigby Mobile Certified Phone is tested to make sure our customers receive the highest quality phones (the same ones most Twigby Mobile employees use!)

Key categories

Alignment – Check position of buttons and housing.

Audio – Confirm speakers and Bluetooth® function properly.

Connectivity – Ensure strong phone reception and Wi-Fi network functions properly.

Display – Verify that the screen is clear and functioning 100% correctly, LED lights function, all colors are sharp, touchscreen and camera work properly.

Keypad & Software – Authenticate buttons/confirm keys work properly and make sure software is up to date.

Missing Parts – Confirm all parts have been added.

Phone Ports – Verify USB, Audio, SIM and SD card connect and function correctly.

Power – Check battery charge status with charger as well as power up test with battery.

Visual cosmetic inspection – Inspect for scratches, dents, discoloration, as well as all connectors for debris and corrosion.

As part of our quality assurance process, all phones must pass a final quality inspection to ensure the device works and looks as good as new. From here, the phone is packaged into boxes with new accessories.

This is how we can provide feature packed, high quality certified phones at such a low price. Twigby Mobile Certified phones are a very practical alternative to buying new. All certified phones have a 60-day warranty directly through Twigby Mobile.