What You Need to Know When Considering a WiFi Centric Phone Service


As more cell phone service providers begin relying more and more on WiFi calling within their plans, it’s important to note that although this may be a new trend buzzing through the cell phone industry, there are unfortunately many drawbacks to phone service that focuses primarily on the availability of WiFi calling vs using cell towers.

With millions of Americans continuing to leave behind their old home phones and instead opt only for a cell phone as their main point of contact, quality cell phone service and connection is of the upmost importance. Here are a few very important things to know if you are considering opting for WiFi centric phone service.

1. 9-1-1 calls are not placed to emergency responders

Quite possibly the biggest pitfall of WiFi calling service is its limitation to connect with emergency responders immediately during a 9-1-1 call. Instead, calls to 9-1-1 made over WiFi will not connect to local 9-1-1 operators. Sometimes, the call is even directed to the administrative offices of emergency operators, which are not always staffed after hours. Additionally, your location and other information that is passed to 9-1-1 emergency responders immediately when placing a call through traditional cell phone service is not passed when placing the call over WiFi. Instead, many times your 9-1-1 call can point your location back to your residence, even if you are calling from somewhere else meaning you have to be able to tell the responders where you are located – if you can.

Minutes and seconds matter when in an emergency or life-threatening situation. We wouldn’t trust our own lives with WiFi calling, or give a phone to our kids that puts WiFi calling a priority, and that’s one of the main reasons why we still fully believe a traditional cell phone network is the right choice.

2. Mobile operators do not control WiFi networks.

WiFi is a best-effort service that was not originally designed to support voice traffic, and when WiFi networks are loaded with data traffic, voice traffic is not prioritized. It is then necessary to for the WiFi network to cannibalize WiFi data capacity in order to dedicate channels to voice service, lowering the quality of the connection. High quality, low use WiFi networks is normally needed to support this type of service.

3. Maintenance is not centralized.

Unlike cell phone networks, cell phone carriers are not responsible for repairing WiFi networks, or helping you get your connection back. This means that if your home, business, or otherwise public WiFi connection goes down when you are trying to place an important call or simply rely on your WiFi connection to make the bulk of your calls, you would be without connection, and without your cell phone carrier to help. Instead, you’ll be forced to call your internet service provider, if you’re home, or find another WiFi connection elsewhere.

 4. Lack of WiFi accessibility and availability

Although many advancements have been made in WiFi accessibility and availability, WiFi, and particularly free WiFi, is still not available in many areas throughout the U.S. WiFi service is especially lacking in open outdoor settings and throughout many rural towns leaving those with WiFi centric cell phone service without the internet connection needed to place calls. However, Twigby customers know that when they leave home, they don’t have to worry about having internet access to make a call.

What’s the better option?

At Twigby, we believe having high quality, affordable cell phone service is more valuable than WiFi calling and texting for the reasons listed above and, to help our customers achieve the great service at a budget-friendly cost, we provide nationwide cell phone coverage on two of the largest nationwide networks at incredibly low prices.

After reviewing the available options and with pricing between Twigby and various WiFi calling companies either in Twigby’s favor or equal, wouldn’t you rather have the consistent quality of a cell phone network over a WiFi first alternative?

We know this is what we hear from our customers – and that’s why we provide it.

Come see why Twigby is the right choice for value-seeking shoppers and those looking to get great cell phone service at an affordable monthly price without compromising on network availability.

Start by checking your available coverage instantly.