Best Apps for Seniors – Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone

Although many seniors opt for a simple feature phone, more and more seniors are embracing the technology of smartphones, and the great benefits that can come with them. However, we’ve found that many seniors do not know about the plethora of apps that can help make their lives easier and more efficient. Luckily, the team here at Twigby has researched and put together a helpful app page with its own “Senior Focused Apps” section to help seniors find apps that can make their daily lives just that much easier. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the best apps for seniors and why these apps can make any smartphone senior-friendly.


Enlarge the buttons on your smartphone with BIG Launcher

One of the main complaints from seniors about smartphones is the tiny size of the keyboard and buttons on their touch screen. For many visually impaired seniors, the small fonts and icons can make smartphones virtually unusable. But, there is a solution to this problem without having to spend $150 or more on a smartphone that attempts to solve this issue out of the box.

Instead, we recommend purchasing a low-cost, high quality smartphone through the Twigby shop for around $60 and installing the well-reviewed BIG Launcher app for only $9.99 through the Google Play Store.

BIG Launcher makes Android smartphones usable for those who have trouble reading their smartphone screens by creating large icons and text to make it easier than ever to see the apps, options, contacts and more. Additionally, BIG Launcher also features an SOS button to call for help, making this app a perfect addition to any senior’s smartphone.

Turn your smartphone into a powerful magnifying glass

Difficulty reading small fonts goes beyond what’s on your smartphone’s screen. To get help reading magazines, product labels and more, we suggest installing a magnifying glass app on any senior’s smartphone.

One such app to help achieve this is Visor Magnifier. Available for both Android and iPhone, Visor Magnifier is a nifty app that quickly turns a phone’s camera into a magnifying glass, making it an excellent tool for those who have trouble reading. Visor Magnifier works by enlarging difficult to read text by up to 4x as well as changing contrast with 5 different settings. Also, the magnifier lets users turn on their phone’s LED flash to help with vision in low-light conditions.

Never forget to take your medicine again

Forgetting to take your medicine can be an unsettling or scary thing. With so many things to remember each day, remembering to take your daily medicine or vitamins can sometimes fall behind other more pressing matters. However, there are many apps to help you remember which pills to take, and when to take them. One of these apps, Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder, is available for both Android and iPhone, and is a great tool to have on your side.

Medisafe is a very useful app that helps you keep track of your medications, supplements and vitamins, reminding you when to take your pills. Additionally, Medisafe can help keep track of blood pressure, glucose and other measurements. Also, with Medisafe, you can easily share results with doctors, making this a true healthcare sidekick for seniors.


For seniors, embracing smartphone technology does not have to be nerve-racking. In fact, it can be a very helpful and efficient experience if you know the right apps to install. We hope this short list of some of the best apps for seniors can help make the smartphone experience enjoyable and helpful. If a smartphone is right for you, be sure to head to the Twigby shop and check out all of the great low-cost smartphone options available.