Kyocera Hydro Reach


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Steps to activate your Kyocera Hydro Reach

Your phone is designed to activate automatically. Simply turn your phone on.

You can also start the activation process manually. From home, tap Apps > Settings > Activate this device.

Complete the Setup Screens

The setup screens help you set up certain features and preferences on your phone. Once your phone has been turned on, you will see a Welcome message. You can then complete the setup process.

1. From the Welcome screen, select a language and tap the arrow to get started.

To skip any section, tap NEXT or SKIP.

Note: On the Welcome screen, there may also be an Accessibility button. If you are visually impaired or hard of hearing, tap Accessibility to change the accessibility settings.

2. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete each section. For each topic, you will have the option to skip it and continue to the next screen.

  • Wi-Fi – If prompted, follow the prompts to sign in to an available Wi-Fi network. For secured Wi-Fi networks, you will need to enter a password. 
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy – Read any applicable End User License Agreements or Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for using your phone, and tap ACCEPT to continue.
  • Google (Add your account) – Tap Enter your email and complete the steps to sign in to your current Google Account, or tap Or create a new account to set up a new Google Account.

Tap SKIP to skip Google setup. The following options may apply depending on your selection:

  • Enter your email – Enter your Gmail address and password and tap ACCEPT to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy and sign in to your current Google Account.
  • Or create a new account – Follow the instructions to sign up for a new Google Account. There will be screens to enter your first and last names, create an email address (Gmail), create a password, enter recovery information (including a backup email address and recovery question), an option to join Google+, and an option to enable purchases from the Google Play store app. Tap NEXT between each screen.
  • Set up payment info – Set up payment information for purchases made through Google Play. Select No thanks to skip this step.
  • Get your apps & data – If you are using a Google Account you had set up on a previous Android device, you can choose to use that device's backup information to restore backed-up apps, data, system settings, Wi-Fi passwords, etc., from the previous device to your new phone. Tap Set up as new device to skip this step.
  • Google services – Select your Google location and service options and then tap NEXT.

Personalize your phone – If applicable, enter your first and last name and tap NEXT. This information is used by the phone to personalize certain apps.

3. Your setup is now complete. Follow the onscreen instructions to learn about basic tap menu navigation, view tutorials, or just get started.

Note: You do not need to sign up for a Google Account to use your phone. However, to download apps from Google Play, you must link your phone to a Google Account.

Need additional help?  We are here for you!

If you need help or have questions activating your service, please visit and click on “Help”. You will see an orange “Chat Now” graphic at the bottom of the screen. We are very good at helping get your phone up and running. To view our chat hours click here.

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