How can I transfer/port my number from Twigby?

To transfer/port your phone number from Twigby, the number must be active and remain so until the transfer has completed. There is no need to request service disconnection with Twigby. When the transfer completes, the phone number will be automatically disconnected with Twigby, active with your new provider, and you will stop incurring charges for new service with Twigby.

For the transfer to be successful, you must present your new provider with the following information from your Twigby account:

  1. The complete name and address on your account.
  2. Your 10-digit phone number.
  3. Your 4 or 5-digit account number.
  4. Your 4-digit PIN on your account.

If you are unsure of this information, you may log in to your Twigby account on the mobile app or by visiting Once logged in, go to the 'Account Settings', and there you will find your Account pin, and the complete name and address on your account.  To locate your Twigby account number go to the "Account Summary" tab, and in the Account Overview box your account number will be listed there.  

Please note that you are responsible for all charges and account activity until your phone number has been transferred. If you wish to utilize our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, the port/transfer must be completed within 30 days, before the end of your first billing period, to receive the refund and to avoid being charged for a second month of service, which is not refundable. We recommend starting the transfer process with your new provider at least four (4) business days or more before the end of your billing period with Twigby. We make no guarantee the transfer will be complete within four days. Transfers can take longer if incorrect or incomplete information is provided for a transfer/port. Please plan accordingly.