How do I turn text message notifications on or off?

When you activate service with Twigby, you are automatically subscribed to receive notifications regarding activity on your account. Some notifications are sent via text message, some via e-mail, and some are delivered using both methods.

Notifications that are sent via text message include the following:

  • Credit card expires within 30 days
  • Credit card has expired
  • Payment was or was not successful
  • Service has been interrupted for a failed payment

Twigby provides you with the option to opt-out from receiving notifications via text message. Please note that if you opt-out, you will not receive any notifications via text message. Also, if an account has more than one line and one of the lines opt-out from receiving text message notifications, it will only opt-out just for that mobile number and not for the other lines on the account.

To opt-out, text one of the following words to (844) 336-0397:

  • STOP
  • QUIT

To opt-in or restart text message notifications, text one of the following words to (844) 336-0397:


You will receive the same email notifications regarding activity on your account (listed above). Those email notifications cannot be turned off. Additionally, you will occasionally receive special offers that you can opt out of separately.  

As always, if you have any further questions, please click the orange "Chat With Us" button at the bottom of the page to be connected with our customer support team. They are available for live chat Monday-Friday 8am-9pm and Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm (CST).